Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog Award: Yayyyyyyy!

Hello Everyone,

I just want to thank everyone for stopping by and to share some good news with.  I have received a blog award from three individuals.  I am so honored ladies that you shared this with me.  Upon receiving this award I must thank the person (s) and link it back to their blog, inform all the new recipients of their award, and share 8 things about myself.   Pass it on to 8 individuals (blogs) that you recently discovered.  Now, onto the thank you 's.

Thank you:

Judy--Crafty JAR
Linda--Fancy Framework

I just want to thank you ladies again for thinking of me when it came to choosing your recipients of this award.  You are amazingly talented.  I have visited your blogs and I encourage everyone to stop by and visit you as well.

I am to tell you 8 things about myself...okay here it goes

1.  I am a MSU graduate (MSW)
2.  I am married with no children at present
3. Love "skyping" and meeting new people.
4. Love commenting on blogs.  I love seeing your creations and being inspired to do something.
5. I love finding guest designers on my visits to your blogs.
6. I have a new love--pocket cards.  I love making them and finding new ways to make them.
7. I am the oldest of five siblings
8. I am Cricut Cartridge "Junkie" or shall I say collector (lol)

I am passing this award onto eleven individuals at present and I will choose another thirteen individuals later on.  I believe you all deserve this award.

So here they are in no particular order.  Congratulations to You!!

Trell --Polka Dots, Paint & Cake Batter
Tammy --Positively Magnificient Scrapper
Jenny--Crazy About Cricut
Angela--Krafting with Kings
Runnergirl--Runnergirl Creations
Candice--Stampin Pearls with Candice
Daisylove Creations
Liz--liz's paper loft
Yolie--Just Yolie, Just Create
Samantha--Samantha J Designs


  1. Congrats to you!!! And it is nice to learn a bit more about you!

  2. Congratulations! I have a BSW and love seeing other creations too.


  3. Congratulations! This is so well deserved!

  4. You definitely deserve it!! :)


  5. @Girlia Thank you & congrats to everyone!! :)

  6. Wow you are a stud-ette ;) blogger, you go girl-ia. Ha Ha couldn't help it. Congrats you deserve it!

  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I really appreciate it :-)

    Sorry I'm so late in posting this-Sam :-)


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