Monday, September 27, 2010

Stickle Holder

Hello everyone,

I had to share with you what my husband built for me today.  A stickles holder. This idea came from Sheree's blog  (    I thought how inventive of her husband to make this convenient holder for her.  So I showed my hubby the pic and asked him if he could he build me something similar and he said sure. We went to Home Depot, bought the wood, and here is the result.  Thank you Sheree's husband  for such a wonderful idea and thank you GOD for a crafty husband.   Comments are welcome, enjoy and GOD bless.


  1. That was so wonderful for your husband to take the time to create such a wonderful project and it turned out great!!

  2. Thats right! thank GOD for those wonderful husbands!!! that is a great a idea. I will be taking pics. of my craft room and posting them to show how I store my stickles. thanks for visiting me and please be sure to come back and follow. Have a wonderful night!!!

    Carol L

  3. This is just wonderful! How awesome of your DH to build you one!! I'm gonna have to show these to my DH and see if he can make me one, too! :)

  4. Wow ! What a great job your husband did ! My husband (to be) is really crafty too ;-) He has made a lot of things for my scraproom as well :-D


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